Lesley Soldat

I am 70 years old!

I am a living breathing example of the benefits of consciously pursuing sustainable fitness of the mind, body and spirit. Over the last 40 years, I have tried almost every fitness fad and technique.

I eventually found what I consider to be the perfect combination.

A good Fitness Trainer and a good Yoga instructor.

Fitness training strengthens your core, builds your muscles and sculpts your body.

Yoga elevates this process to a higher level of spiritual, mental and physical well being.

It took me 40 years to find the perfect formula. You don’t have to wait that long!

Please allow me to help you improve your, strength, flexibility, balance, posture and overall poise and grace.

I am a CorYoga instructor trained and certified by Lee Downer.
CorYoga is a hatha based yoga program which combines the many benefits of yoga stretching, breathing and mental concentration with a gentle but challenging fitness workout. It is a sequential series of fluidic modified yoga moves, which combines the principles of fitness with yoga. I offer private Yoga instructions in the privacy and comfort of your home or mine.